The room of wonders and wonderful books

We are amazed every time we discover children’s joy as they touch and discover a ‘wonderful’ book –new, with magical illustrations and most importantly with ideas that are fresh and revealing for their curiosity. Such enjoyment is not, as some might think, less intense than that of computer games or 3D movies.

We work with children every day and we can tell the pleasure for reading has not disappeared. Access to ‘wonderful’ books is, unfortunately, what the children of Timisoara miss.

Children need parents and teachers who have the time, the willingness and the instruments to search for wonderful books. But maybe even more importantly, they need parents and teachers with the financial resources to afford buying such titles.

When we consider foreign language books, the access seems even narrower for the average Romanian child. Books that would help create a global awareness for our children are usually extremely expensive for the average Romanian parent or teacher.

Children literature brings every year new ‘wonders’ in European bookshops. Result: Europeans read!

Our libraries will never afford to keep up with the novelties in this domain and continue to offer dusty books since the days of the first Western Help Convoys (the early 90s). With the withdrawal of British Council from our city this situation does not have any perspective of change. Result: Parents are saying that the computer is winning the battle over children’s time and interest.

If we want to see the children in this city develop in the same line with European children and become first class citizens of this continent we feel compelled to do something so that they have the same opportunities to access quality books, and thereby not lose the appetite for reading.

That is why we decided to create a warm and welcoming environment where the experience of quality books in foreign language is still possible for children from every social background in Timisoara and its surrounding villages. Setting up and offering sustainability to the Children’s Library in Timisoara will mean in the long term that...

Timisoara will read!

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