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Babel is an organization active in the field of education since 2005 in Timisoara, Romania. Initially a pedagogical experiment of a team of young teachers, passionate about learning foreign languages, Babel has grown every year reaching a staff number of 20 teachers who make possible the language courses provided by Babel Center (adult courses) and Babel Junior (children courses).

In 2009, Babel Education, our nonprofit association dedicated to community projects in the field of education, was set up. Our mission is to contribute to the development of our community, by setting education and personal development of each individual as a priority. We hope to offer to members of our local community, of all ages, access to appropriate learning resources, which they should be able to use to their benefit when they choose to give shape to their own destiny.

We have participated to social responsibility projects so far by joining forces with our social partner, Maxima Cultural Association (whose members include well known local intellectuals as well as some of our staff). Among these project we can name: annual charitable campaigns for Luminita Kindergarten for blind children (2007,2008), the first edition of Babel Christmas Market, raising funds for orphan children in Uganda in partnership with SOS Kinderdorf Austria, Story Days- a 7 day project in which children were told stories in 7 foreign languages). We have been organizing since the beginning of 2009 parent-child communication workshops aiming to raise awareness about the benefits of Non-Violent Communication in education.

Our project Children’s Library-1500 books has as main aim to create a space for borrowing and reading quality foreign language books for children.

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